Saving With Coupons

Everyone gets the Sunday newspaper and sees a booklet or two of coupons for saving money at the grocery store, right? Do you look through those coupons and cut them out? Or do you just throw it away without looking at them?

I was surprised at how many of my co-workers admitted that they don’t even look at them when I asked around at work. They said mostly it was too much trouble to keep up with the coupon requirements, like having to buy 2 or more of the item to qualify for the savings, and most of all keeping up with the expiration dates.

For me, the expiration dates are so small and hard to find or read that I get impatient with keeping track of which coupons to take to the grocery store with me. For a while I was taking a big envelope full of clipped coupons with me, then as I shopped for groceries I would look through them and see if it mattered which brand I was buying or if I need to buy two or three of that item to qualify for the money savings on a coupon.

For some reason I got out of that habit and should probably start doing that again. When you are shopping for groceries, every nickle and dime that you save is counting toward the total grocery bill and the savings really do add up.

Snowman Photobomb is Hilarious!

photo of snowman in Atlanta

OK – I realize that thousands of drivers who were stranded in Atlanta with this awful snowstorm were suffering. I am sorry they were so unprepared for the massive traffic jams and long periods stuck in their cars. But there is humor in just about any situation and this picture of an abombinable snowman photobombing the traffic jam in Atlanta is hilarious!

Three Weeks Down – 49 To Go!

Here I am at three weeks completed of the 52 Week Challenge that I’m doing to get my house more organized. The first month has been all about the kitchen, and I’ve worked on the countertops, the sink, the cabinets and drawers, and then today I cleaned out the pantry and spices.

Just like I thought, I ended up throwing out a lot of expired cans and jars. It’s good to purge your pantry every once in a while – things have a way of getting pushed to the back of the shelves and forgotten. Then, next thing you know they have gotten too old to be any good and you end up wasting food.

I thought about making a list of the cans that I tossed so I could go grocery shopping and replace them. But then I realizes that I had not used those is over a year, so maybe I don’t really need them. When the times comes that I need those groceries, that’s is when I will go buy them. There is no sense in just keeping them around for one day in the unforeseen future that I might need that particular item.

I’m starting to feel rally good about the 52 Week Challenge. I have been through 3 weeks of it and I am making progress already.

My Second Week of the 52 Week Challenge is Done!

Last week I wrote about the 52 Week Challenge that I am doing to help me keep my resolution to be more organized this year. The first week was about the kitchen counters and kitchen sink, and the second week is about kitchen drawers and cabinets.

I got a start on the kitchen cabinets last week, but got tired and decided to finish it up this week with the drawers, as I not only cleaned out the drawers by washed everything that was IN the drawers, too. Working on the cabinets last week made this week’s project go a little faster and now I am on track for the third challenge next week, kitchen pantry and spices. Something tells me that I will be throwing out a lot of old and expired jars and cans…I haven’t purged my pantry in a very long time.

Making a Resolution to Get More Organized

Most of the time I pay no attention to New Year’s Resolutions. I think most people make crazy promises about things that they can’t really live up to and they fail and feel bad about it. Why do that to yourself?

Although New Year’s was over 2 weeks ago, I have been thinking about what I can do this year to make my life better. I’m not wanting to sacrifice something or deprive myself – I just want to see a few things get better. I realize that being well organized is not my strong suit – although at work I am completely organized. It’s all the little things at home that end up being clutter and never feeling like I have enough storage space for my stuff that drives me nuts.

So, this year I am making a resolution to get myself more organized at home. I was looking around for some ideas on how to get started and to make a plan, when I found this web site about home storage solutions with an article called the 52 Week Challenge. That’s when it hit me – this is a plan, with step by step instructions and it is also a little competition to keep me motivated. This is what I need to do!

Even though it is set up for 52 weeks, nothing says you have to start the first week of January. I can start this week and still benefit. And, if I want to make some extra effort I can double up a week here and there. Actually, nothing says I have to do this in the same exact order, either – if there is something that I’ve already handled, I get a week off. Or if there is something that I REALLY don’t want to tackle right away, i can skip it and go back to it another time.

So, that’s my plan. I’m starting this weekend as Week #1 and working on kitchen organization – counter tops and sink. Easy-peazy. And next week is kitchen drawers and cabinets. Since my kitchen is already pretty well organized, I can do both of these weeks at the same time and just move on from there.

If you decide to give this challenge a try, let me know and I’ll cheer you on. We can compare notes and award “Attaboys!” to each other to stay motivated and get recognition for our accomplishments. I would love to have 3 or 4 of my friends jump into this project with me.