Exit polls

How much faith do you have in exit polls? Have you ever been approached by anyone asking who you voted for when you were finished voting? There have been a few times that I have been approached, and I have always declined the opportunity to say who I voted for. Secret ballot means secret ballot! And to be honest, I know I am surrounded by people in this town that usually support the political party that is not the political party that I usually vote for. I don’t need any animosity between myself and my neighbors over our political differences!

Today I learned about a website that has been started up called ballot snapshot. I decided to check it out, thinking that maybe I would consider using it after the next election if it seemed like an alternative to the traditional exit poll. I wouldn’t mind using that if it would not alienate me from my neighbors! Reading the website, I saw that it was already conducting a poll, in advance of the elections. I thought I would go ahead and participate.

Today’s questions (I assume the questions change from time to time, but I don’t know how often) was to choose between voting for Trump and Biden if they were the two candidates running for President. The other question was about believing a political story that was running on Fox News. I decided, just for fun, to participate in the poll. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it immediately showed the current results of the poll. I was also surprised at what the current results of the poll happened to be! I won’t tell you the results, I don’t want to spoil it for you if you want to do it yourself!

Is your life full of stress like mine?

I am one of those people who can handle stress up to a point. Once I reach that point, look out!! I heard about a motivational keynote through the a website dedicated to handling stress and decided to check it out. I was amazed at the information in it that really helped me a lot.

Everyone has stress like crazy now between the stock market going up and down and layoffs left and right. No one knows who’s next. Take the time to check out different ways to handle stress see if it doesn’t help you out some too. I bet it will. It sure helped me out.

Helpful Tips for Couples Looking to Adopt

For years, you and your partner have talked about expanding your family, and now you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. At this point, you’re both fully prepared to welcome an adopted son or daughter into your lives. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be rather jarring, particularly for first-time adoptive parents. When attempting to navigate the road to a successful option, put the following tips into practice.

Contact an Adoption Support Center

Couples who are fairly new to the adoption game can benefit from contacting an adoption support center. The helpful experts these centers employ will walk you and your partner through the adoption process step-by-step and explain exactly what’s expected of you. Whether you’re looking to learn about options for open adoptions or how to prep your home for a new arrival, a support center can help.

Pay Down Your Debt

When evaluating couples, most adoption agencies conduct detailed credit checks. Being mired in outstanding debt is guaranteed to diminish your chances of being approved. With this in mind, pay off a substantial portion of your debt before attempting to adopt a child.

Adopting a child is a deeply satisfying and consistently rewarding experience. To ensure that your first adoption goes off without a hitch, consult with an adoption support center and make a sizable dent in your debt.

Different type of Milkman than here

Did you hear about the milkman in England that was delivering more than milk? The standing joke here in the United States is that a child is the ‘Milkman’s’ and my father was the ‘Milkman’s’ son. His father that was married to his mother was the local milkman so he really was the milkman’s kid. Isn’t that funny!!

Anyway the story goes like this for the Milkman in England:

LONDON – A British prosecutor says an elderly milkman supplied customers with cannabis as well as bottles of milk. Robert Holding, 72, delivered marijuana as he made his daily rounds in the town of Burnely, in northwestern England.

Prosecutor Sarah Statham said Friday that Holding offered the drug to elderly customers suffering from aches and pain. She says the customers left Holding notes on their doorsteps to order the drug.

According to Britain’s dairy industry, around 1.5 million British homes have milk delivered by a milkman. Deliveries have declined over the last 20 years. Holding pleaded guilty to supplying the drug and was given suspended jail sentence of 36 months.

Well at least he was only selling to elderly people to try and help them with medical problems and not selling it to kids on the street. I think he should be commended in someways. It’s about time they did something to realize that marijuana does have some health benefits. The problem is the government can’t figure out how to tax and control it. It’s too easy to just grow in your house in a flower pot apparently.

I don’t know because I don’t care for the stuff personally. I guess I’m too much of a control freak to let something like that have any type of control over me if only for a short period of time. Besides, it’s illegal and I sure wouldn’t want to go to jail for a buzz.

Have you ever heard of a seven string guitar?

I don’t like to think I’m “out of touch” but when Carl told me that he needed to buy some new strings for his 7 string guitars I thought he was joking! I laughed at thim and told him that this wasn’t April Fool’s Day! I felt rather foolish when he showed me one of his seven string guitars! I wonder if there are any popular bands that I’ve listened to where some of the musicians play a seven string guitar!