Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Went to Mom’s for dinner

Mom likes to have all of us over at least once a month for dinner.  We thought since Thanksgiving is around the corner and going to be at her house, she might want to count that as our monthly dinner.  Well she would not hear of that.  She said she looks very forward to our Sunday dinner and isn’t going to let Thanksgiving take the place of it.  I think she just loves to cook for us and always makes our favorite dinner too.  She’s where I got my love of cooking from.  I can remember standing in a chair beside her ‘helping’ her cook by watching the pots.  My job was to let her know when the pots needed to be stirred.

My mother makes the best beef roast you have ever put in your mouth.  With that, she makes mashed potatoes with cream cheese and of course there has to be a wonderful salad to go with it.  Salad is not just lettuce to Mom.  It’s tomatoes, broccoli flowerets, radishes, carrots, and just about anything else you put in salad.   She makes her own croutons too and they are wonderful.

She makes the best homemade sourdough bread too.  We always leave with a loaf that she has made for each of us.  She won’t give me that recipe but promises it’s mine when she’s gone.