Daily Archives: July 9, 2016

Love the New Independence Day Movie

There are only a few movies that I truly love. I am a sci fi, action adventure, horror kind of girl. Independence Day is one of those movies. It has all the action, as well we a great storyline.

I was so happy when they made a part two of the movie, but was slightly upset that Will Smith wasn’t in it. Although some of the old cast was there so that was a good thing. The continuing story line was amazing and left us with a possibility of another episode in the saga. Independence Day: Resurgence came out last month and I am going to see it on the Imax screen at the mall theatre this weekend!

One of the reasons I love these types of movies so much is that I believe there is more out there than just us. Although I do hope that if we are ever visited by such, they would be a lot more peaceful than the species in the movie. Truth be told, though the possibility of a peaceful visitation is slim. Much like Europeans “discovering” the Americas, we would be the Indians in the face of such advanced technology. However we can hope on a more benevolent society rather than something along the lines of what we see in the movies.