What would you like to know? Or, perhaps more appropriate, what should I let you know about me?

Well, I have been out on my own for almost 10 years now. I bought a nice little townhouse with the money I inherited from my Daddy a few years ago. My dog, Buster, is a Jack Russell Terrier and goes everywhere with me. He loves to ride in the car and he loves to chase a little rubber ball that he made when he chewed the legs off the rubber toy. It bounces like crazy and he is so quick he can chase it down no matter which way it bounces.

I love my car – I bought the 325i brand new off the lot for cash right before I bought my townhouse. So Daddy did a great job of providing for us in his will and with his life insurance. He was a great man and totally devoted to my mom and us kids – I miss him every day.

My mom still lives nearby and I have two sisters that are married and live in the area, too. Only one nephew so far, but we are all young and I’m sure there will be lots of grandchildren for my mom to enjoy over the next few years.

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