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A beautiful day for a hike

Today was such a beautiful day that I could not stay at home stuck in the house. I decided to do a little hiking along the River Trail and see the beauty of nature and enjoy the great outdoors. I packed a backpack with a nice little lunch and water bottles for hydration before I set off. I love this particular trail as the scenery changes and the wildlife is abundant. There are plenty of rest areas to sit and take in the atmosphere. Benches as well as picnic tables dot the trail every so often.

There were plenty of families and couples biking and walking along. It is a really good thing to see the kids out and about rather than at home glued to tablets, phones and game consoles. I decided to go off trail for a little bit and explore some scenic areas and climbed a smallish cliff area to see a cave that was higher up.

The cave was really neat and I enjoyed myself immensely. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine after all the cold weather we had recently. You should really try it tomorrow or the next nice weekend we have. I promise you will have a great time.

The flu got me!

I seem to have caught the stupid flu that is going around. It is absolutely horrible. I have been in bed for three days and today is the first time I have felt even remotely well enough to venture farther than the kitchen to get some soup, crackers and ginger ale. Ugh this has been one of the worst weeks I have ever had. Monday sucked at work and Tuesday I had to come home early because I started running a high fever. Add all of the lovely symptoms I have had that I will not even go into, because you really don’t want to know.

Fortunately for me, mom made me some homemade chicken soup and went to the store for the standard flu supplies when she came to check on me after she found out from my sister that I was sick. Thank God for moms, because mine is the greatest.

Now that the fever has subsided, I am certain that I will be feeling perfectly fine in time for work on Monday. I cannot believe I missed so much work this week. At least my boss is understanding, especially with so many from the office having come down with this lately.

I found what to give my mother for Valentines Day

Since Daddy passed away, Mom has not taken care of herself like she used to do when Daddy was still alive. She used to always take good care of her skin, kept her hair fixed and wore some make-up. Now she just sort of mopes around without fixing her hair and I haven’t seen her wear make-up in far too long. In fact, she’s starting to really show her age and she’s not that old.

A friend told me about a local spas They said they sent their mother there for her birthday last year and it really made a big difference in her life. She was in the same situation as my mother. She had let herself go too. They told me that they are a results-oriented medical facility and everything they do is without any type of surgery.

I liked the sounds of that because I know Mom won’t have plastic surgery but this sounds like something she would love. 

Darn allergies going nuts

I have allergies unfortunately. I’m allergic to mold and with all the rain we have had and the leaves down, mold is everywhere. It hasn’t been cold enough to kill it so I’m suffering big time because of it. My ears feel like they have cotton in them, my sinuses are like they’re packed in cotton too and I just feel yucky for lack of a better work.

I have been getting allergy shots since June but they don’t seem to be helping that much yet. The doctor said that once I get to my 40th set of shots, I would see marked improvement. I sure hope so because this is the pits. I have 3 air cleaners in my house and I’m okay there, it’s just everywhere else that gives me a fit.

Is your life full of stress like mine?

I am one of those people who can handle stress up to a point. Once I reach that point, look out!! I heard about a motivational keynote through the a website dedicated to handling stress and decided to check it out. I was amazed at the information in it that really helped me a lot.

Everyone has stress like crazy now between the stock market going up and down and layoffs left and right. No one knows who’s next. Take the time to check out different ways to handle stress see if it doesn’t help you out some too. I bet it will. It sure helped me out.