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That is a bit more money than I expected

When Chuck told me that he wanted a new mqx for Christmas, and gave me the web link to look it up and order it, I don’t know what I was expecting. I had no idea what it was, and after looking it up, I don’t think I understand what it does! I see that it is an “equalizer” but I don’t really know what other equipment it would be associated with. Sometimes I feel really stupid, and this is one of those times! Then I looked at the price tag and swallowed really hard. I don’t know why Chuck thinks that I should spend my entire gift budget on him this year! I think that he and I need to have a little chat later tonight!

Transform Tube Socks into Snowmen

photo of DIY sock craft

Found this cute crafting project to transform tube socks into snowmen. I got some old socks from my dad and have a jar of odd buttons – I always cut off the buttons before throwing out a shirt or jacket.

It looks pretty easy – I think I have enough things on hand to make a couple of these sock snowmen this weekend – while we are snowed in!

Yes, the weather forecast is for snow, starting this afternoon and going through the rest of the week, including Thanksgiving. I guess last year’s mild winter has put us on the hook for a colder and wetter winter this year.

I always plan ahead, usually

Well I have already started my Christmas shopping list. Have you? I try really hard to get all of my Christmas shopping done or mostly done by Thanksgiving. That means I have to plan ahead.  Since there’s only one little fella in our family, he’s easy to buy for. He loves Mater from the movie ‘Cars’. Well I have seen an alarm clock with Mater on it and it says some of the cutest things to wake a kid up. I know he’s going to love that.

My mother really needs a new camera. She still has a 35 mm Kodak that she’s had for as long as I can remember. Well I have thought about getting her a new digital camera. I’m not sure if she’s ready for a digital video recorder or not. She’s not technologically advanced at all. In fact, she’s technologically challenged to put it gently. Don’t even mention computer to her either.

My sisters aren’t hard to buy for. We all have similar tastes so if I like something, they usually do too. Even with that, I’m going to have to do some thinking about what to get them. Daddy left each of us enough money to get what we needed and that doesn’t leave much room for others to get much for us. I’ll come up with something more than a gift card.

Getting My Halloween Costume Together

Halloween’s always been a big tradition with my friends. Every year, we have a potluck party and a contest on who will come to the party in the most outrageous and creative costume.

Last year, our male friend who dressed up as a pregnant nun won the contest. This year, I’m gonna try to win the contest by dressing against my personality. My friends know me as being very conservative and so this year, I’m gonna surprise them by getting a zombie costume. I’ve been looking online and there are some great makeup tricks to use to look like a zombie.

All the stores have Halloween costumes, makeup and props in their seasonal sections. I am going to shop around this weekend and see if I can put my zombie costume together so I’ll be ready in plenty of time for the party.

Going Shopping for my Pumpkins Tomorrow

September is almost over and the grocery stores have got their first deliveries of pumpkins for Halloween. The ones at Kroger are $10 for medium sized pumkins. That is not a bad price, but I am going to check WalMart’s prices before I buy anything. Most of the time I don’t shop at WalMart, but I want to buy three pumpkins this year. If the pumpkins at Kroger are $10 each, that’s $30. But if they are only $5 at WalMart, then I will be saving $15 so that might be worth it.

I’m going shopping for my Halloween pumpkins tomorrow. I’ll check the WalMart price, then I’ll drive by the church pumpkin patch and see how much money they are are charging. The last time I went to the church lot, the pumpkins were huge but very expensive. The cheapest one they had was $20, and I did buy one from them last year because I was trying to support the church youth group. But this year my budget is tighter and I want to buy as many pumpkins as I can get for $20 – not just one big one.