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Do you believe the reviews?

When Bucky was telling me that he needs to buy a new dual amp switch, we started to look online for a reasonably priced switch. He was leaning towards one particular switch because of the compact size and reasonable price, but then he started to read the reviews associated with the switch. Seems that there were only three reviews on the item, and they all cited some issues with the switch. That made me wonder if the reviews were honest reviews, or if the reviews were put on there by a competitor trying to undermine the sale of the item.

When you shop online, do you usually believe the reviews that are on the website?

Green Leaves

Green Leaves on St Patrick's Day from allthingsclipart dot com

Green Leaves on St Patrick’s Day from allthingsclipart dot com

Found this cute St. Patrick’s Day Free Clip art from the allthingsclipart dot com website, and thought it was fitting to put it on my blog in honor of St Patrick’s Day. I like the green leaves…… Get it? Hope you have a great St Patrick’s Day and that nobody pinches you!

I always plan ahead, usually

Well I have already started my Christmas shopping list. Have you? I try really hard to get all of my Christmas shopping done or mostly done by Thanksgiving. That means I have to plan ahead.  Since there’s only one little fella in our family, he’s easy to buy for. He loves Mater from the movie ‘Cars’. Well I have seen an alarm clock with Mater on it and it says some of the cutest things to wake a kid up. I know he’s going to love that.

My mother really needs a new camera. She still has a 35 mm Kodak that she’s had for as long as I can remember. Well I have thought about getting her a new digital camera. I’m not sure if she’s ready for a digital video recorder or not. She’s not technologically advanced at all. In fact, she’s technologically challenged to put it gently. Don’t even mention computer to her either.

My sisters aren’t hard to buy for. We all have similar tastes so if I like something, they usually do too. Even with that, I’m going to have to do some thinking about what to get them. Daddy left each of us enough money to get what we needed and that doesn’t leave much room for others to get much for us. I’ll come up with something more than a gift card.

Customer Service Is Very Important

When people moan and groan about the big box stores taking over the world, I sometimes will join the conversation because I took a business course in college that discussed how smaller businesses can compete with large big box stores. The professor spoke about how local businesses would be wise to focus on customer services – like repair and maintenance of their products that cannot be offered by the big box stores.

When shopping online, it is also important to find out if the website has a link to customer services resources. For example, the customer service at link goes to a page that includes how to contact the company in addition to answers to Frequently Asked Questions, such as Privacy Rights. When I shop online if the website doesn’t have any easily found information like that, I just keep moving along to another website!

Exit polls

How much faith do you have in exit polls? Have you ever been approached by anyone asking who you voted for when you were finished voting? There have been a few times that I have been approached, and I have always declined the opportunity to say who I voted for. Secret ballot means secret ballot! And to be honest, I know I am surrounded by people in this town that usually support the political party that is not the political party that I usually vote for. I don’t need any animosity between myself and my neighbors over our political differences!

Today I learned about a website that has been started up called ballot snapshot. I decided to check it out, thinking that maybe I would consider using it after the next election if it seemed like an alternative to the traditional exit poll. I wouldn’t mind using that if it would not alienate me from my neighbors! Reading the website, I saw that it was already conducting a poll, in advance of the elections. I thought I would go ahead and participate.

Today’s questions (I assume the questions change from time to time, but I don’t know how often) was to choose between voting for Trump and Biden if they were the two candidates running for President. The other question was about believing a political story that was running on Fox News. I decided, just for fun, to participate in the poll. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it immediately showed the current results of the poll. I was also surprised at what the current results of the poll happened to be! I won’t tell you the results, I don’t want to spoil it for you if you want to do it yourself!