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Green Leaves

Green Leaves on St Patrick's Day from allthingsclipart dot com

Green Leaves on St Patrick’s Day from allthingsclipart dot com

Found this cute St. Patrick’s Day Free Clip art from the allthingsclipart dot com website, and thought it was fitting to put it on my blog in honor of St Patrick’s Day. I like the green leaves…… Get it? Hope you have a great St Patrick’s Day and that nobody pinches you!

It has gotten so darn cold

I’m not one that likes cold weather. I should live somewhere where it stays around 70 degrees year around but there’s no such place. If I lived where it’s around 70 degrees in the winter, then it’s so darn hot in the summer that you can’t hardly breathe. I guess I am like everyone else and just can’t be totally satisfied with anything.

I know, I need a summer home and a winter home. I need a summer home in Phoenix Arizona. I don’t think it gets that cold in the winter there but then I need a summer home in maybe Denver Colorado. I don’t think it gets very hot there in the summer. I need to win the lottery if that’s the case. Wait a minute, you have to buy tickets to win that, don’t you?

I found what to give my mother for Valentines Day

Since Daddy passed away, Mom has not taken care of herself like she used to do when Daddy was still alive. She used to always take good care of her skin, kept her hair fixed and wore some make-up. Now she just sort of mopes around without fixing her hair and I haven’t seen her wear make-up in far too long. In fact, she’s starting to really show her age and she’s not that old.

A friend told me about a local spas They said they sent their mother there for her birthday last year and it really made a big difference in her life. She was in the same situation as my mother. She had let herself go too. They told me that they are a results-oriented medical facility and everything they do is without any type of surgery.

I liked the sounds of that because I know Mom won’t have plastic surgery but this sounds like something she would love. 

Darn allergies going nuts

I have allergies unfortunately. I’m allergic to mold and with all the rain we have had and the leaves down, mold is everywhere. It hasn’t been cold enough to kill it so I’m suffering big time because of it. My ears feel like they have cotton in them, my sinuses are like they’re packed in cotton too and I just feel yucky for lack of a better work.

I have been getting allergy shots since June but they don’t seem to be helping that much yet. The doctor said that once I get to my 40th set of shots, I would see marked improvement. I sure hope so because this is the pits. I have 3 air cleaners in my house and I’m okay there, it’s just everywhere else that gives me a fit.

I have had the worst day in a long time

First of all, I got up late. I don’t know why or even how. I had my alarm set but it didn’t go off this morning so that threw me late for work by an hour. I hate to be late. Once I got there, I realized that I had put on two different shoes. Real cute looking too. One was black and the other was brown. It’s not like you couldn’t tell. Then about an hour after I got there, I realized that I had forgotten to put on any deodorant. Perfect!!

I had to run out to the closest store at lunch and buy some to put on. While I was leaving the store, my dress got caught on one of their shelves and ripped my dress up the side about 5 inches. Great, I wouldn’t have had to buy deodorant and pay three times what I usually do if I had known I was going to have to go home and change my clothes.

I was late getting back from lunch because of going home and changing so fast and guess what, I forgot to change my shoes so I’m still walking around in two different shoes. Then on the way home, some nice person dropped just about everything they had loaded in the back of their truck on the road and I was stuck for about 45 minutes before they got one lane clear so we could get home. I went straight to bed when I got there.