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Do you believe the reviews?

When Bucky was telling me that he needs to buy a new dual amp switch, we started to look online for a reasonably priced switch. He was leaning towards one particular switch because of the compact size and reasonable price, but then he started to read the reviews associated with the switch. Seems that there were only three reviews on the item, and they all cited some issues with the switch. That made me wonder if the reviews were honest reviews, or if the reviews were put on there by a competitor trying to undermine the sale of the item.

When you shop online, do you usually believe the reviews that are on the website?

We’re having a New Years party tomorrow night

Well my sisters and I have all decided to get together with a few friends and have a New Years party tomorrow night. We’re having it at my sisters house since she has a kid and she won’t have to take him to a sitters that way. He’s a great kid so I’m sure he’ll be out by 9 pm, which is his regular bedtime. Even if he stays up a little late, that’s okay with us too.

There’s not going to be a bunch of drinking and stuff like that. We are all not much on drinking. I think it’s because each of us are control freaks and drinking makes us give up control.  Can’t have that. Plus there’s nothing worse than someone telling you what a good time YOU had at a party and you were too drunk to remember. It’s more fun to stand back and watch everyone else make a complete and total idiot out of themselves. Now that’s fun!!!

Anyway, we’re all splitting the cost for soft drinks, a bottle of champagne (which none of us like the taste of but we have to toast the new year), and all of the snack food so it won’t cost anyone very much. There should be about 12 people there not including my nephew.

Have you ever heard of a seven string guitar?

I don’t like to think I’m “out of touch” but when Carl told me that he needed to buy some new strings for his 7 string guitars I thought he was joking! I laughed at thim and told him that this wasn’t April Fool’s Day! I felt rather foolish when he showed me one of his seven string guitars! I wonder if there are any popular bands that I’ve listened to where some of the musicians play a seven string guitar!

Trumpets are cool

I can remember the first time I heard my father play a trumpet. It was a complete surprise to me because I had no idea he had ever played one before! He was an accomplished pianist, percussionist, guitar and bass player – what more could he do? So it was such a surprise when he took his trumpet out of the case and played “taps” at home. I can still remember how excited my sisters and I were to hear him play the trumpet with a sound dampener on it to make it sound different! We were very young, and had never seen anyone use one before. I gained a lot of respect for my father that day, realizing that he was a lot more talented than I had realized!

Difference between a major chord and a minor chord

I learned something new today when I was reading an article online from thehub dot com. I was looking for a little insight on a guitar that Ben was thinking about buying, when I saw an article about the difference between a major chord and a minor chord. I had always wondered about that. The article explained that there is only one note’s difference – the third note is flattened, which makes the chord sound sad, or sinister. I never realized that before!