Darn allergies going nuts

I have allergies unfortunately. I’m allergic to mold and with all the rain we have had and the leaves down, mold is everywhere. It hasn’t been cold enough to kill it so I’m suffering big time because of it. My ears feel like they have cotton in them, my sinuses are like they’re packed in cotton too and I just feel yucky for lack of a better work.

I have been getting allergy shots since June but they don’t seem to be helping that much yet. The doctor said that once I get to my 40th set of shots, I would see marked improvement. I sure hope so because this is the pits. I have 3 air cleaners in my house and I’m okay there, it’s just everywhere else that gives me a fit.

I have had the worst day in a long time

First of all, I got up late. I don’t know why or even how. I had my alarm set but it didn’t go off this morning so that threw me late for work by an hour. I hate to be late. Once I got there, I realized that I had put on two different shoes. Real cute looking too. One was black and the other was brown. It’s not like you couldn’t tell. Then about an hour after I got there, I realized that I had forgotten to put on any deodorant. Perfect!!

I had to run out to the closest store at lunch and buy some to put on. While I was leaving the store, my dress got caught on one of their shelves and ripped my dress up the side about 5 inches. Great, I wouldn’t have had to buy deodorant and pay three times what I usually do if I had known I was going to have to go home and change my clothes.

I was late getting back from lunch because of going home and changing so fast and guess what, I forgot to change my shoes so I’m still walking around in two different shoes. Then on the way home, some nice person dropped just about everything they had loaded in the back of their truck on the road and I was stuck for about 45 minutes before they got one lane clear so we could get home. I went straight to bed when I got there.

We’re having a New Years party tomorrow night

Well my sisters and I have all decided to get together with a few friends and have a New Years party tomorrow night. We’re having it at my sisters house since she has a kid and she won’t have to take him to a sitters that way. He’s a great kid so I’m sure he’ll be out by 9 pm, which is his regular bedtime. Even if he stays up a little late, that’s okay with us too.

There’s not going to be a bunch of drinking and stuff like that. We are all not much on drinking. I think it’s because each of us are control freaks and drinking makes us give up control.  Can’t have that. Plus there’s nothing worse than someone telling you what a good time YOU had at a party and you were too drunk to remember. It’s more fun to stand back and watch everyone else make a complete and total idiot out of themselves. Now that’s fun!!!

Anyway, we’re all splitting the cost for soft drinks, a bottle of champagne (which none of us like the taste of but we have to toast the new year), and all of the snack food so it won’t cost anyone very much. There should be about 12 people there not including my nephew.

Christmas Decor


This Christmas card made me think of a great joke to pull on my mother. She has always loved trips to Florida, and Florida has this thing about flamingos. So we kids started buying her crappy things with flamingos on them. Like coffee mugs, blanket throws, curtains, lamps, all kinds of junk. It got to be so much that she has a whole bedroom dedicated to her flamingos collection.

It would be a real hoot to find some of the large plastic flamingos and put them in her yard with Santa hats on them. OMG! She would get such a thrill!

That is a bit more money than I expected

When Chuck told me that he wanted a new mqx for Christmas, and gave me the web link to look it up and order it, I don’t know what I was expecting. I had no idea what it was, and after looking it up, I don’t think I understand what it does! I see that it is an “equalizer” but I don’t really know what other equipment it would be associated with. Sometimes I feel really stupid, and this is one of those times! Then I looked at the price tag and swallowed really hard. I don’t know why Chuck thinks that I should spend my entire gift budget on him this year! I think that he and I need to have a little chat later tonight!