Our House Needed a Second Wife

Guest post by Linda Bradshaw

When I was younger, I worked full time (with lots of overtime) and took college courses in the evenings in addition to raising two young children. My husband also worked full-time, and was a busy volunteer with the local rescue squad. Every weekend was a struggle to get the grocery shopping, laundry, and housework done. We often told him “we need a housewife!” He thought I was joking, but I really wasn’t! I desperately needed and wanted someone to come to our house and take care of those weekend chores for me!

Where we lived, in rural Maine, there was no service that would clean my house – the other woman for me, so I had to do it myself. It was exhausting, and my relationship with my friends and family suffered because of that. We had enough money to pay for the help, but there simply was no one that would do the work, and do it well. We tried a few local cleaning ladies, but they were lazy and sloppy, and charged us for time not worked, and for chores not done. I am so glad that those years are long gone.

Making fruit cakes

fruit cake (free clip art)

fruit cake (free clip art)

I have a recipe for fruit cake that came from my grandmother. I’m the one that loves to cook out of all of us girls in my family and I’m also the only one that doesn’t like fruit cake. Since I love to cook, I get to make the fruit cakes that everyone else loves. Kind of ironic wouldn’t you say that I like to cook and yet don’t even like what I’m cooking. Oh well, it’s something that everyone looks forward to getting from me. It’s kind of bittersweet every time I make them because Daddy is the one that absolutely loved them and yet, he’s no longer with us to enjoy them.

I usually end up making about 10 small fruit cakes. I like making them for gifts because I think everyone should give something of themselves and not just something they bought for Christmas.  With this recipe, you have to make them about 4 weeks before Christmas because you have to let them soak in either grape juice, wine or brandy if you want to give them a kick. I have tried them soaked in all of the above and still don’t care for it. They are kind of expensive to make too but they are made with my hands and given with my love so that makes them extra special to the ones that get them. I like that.

Foxy lady

Dept 56 Winter Fox

Dept 56 Winter Fox

When I found these two collectible foxes online through dept 56 for only $10.50 each, I just knew that I had to order them to give to my friend DeeDee for a Christmas gift! She collects everything she can find that is fox-related, and I am sure she would be absolutely thrilled to get these two cute little guys to add to her collection! I can’t wait to see the expression on her face when she opens the gift!

I hate this part

HolidayHappyEverything (free clip art)

HolidayHappyEverything (free clip art)

They are putting Christmas trees and decorations out before Halloween even now. I hate that. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all run together. What gets me is about the day after new years, they start putting out the Valentines stuff. I don’t want any Valentines candy that was bought on January 2nd. That’s over a month before Valentines Day. I’m sure the candy is probably the same candy you would buy the day before but it’s the thought that it has sat there all that time.

I don’t know what I’m complaining about. I don’t like candy. I’m not a chocolate person. I know, I know, I’m weird. I’m the only female I know that isn’t nuts about chocolate. Now I do love Reese’s Cups but they are more peanut butter than chocolate. Oh I like the Hershey Krackle bars too. That’s chocolate but I don’t want one very often. I’m more of a vanilla type of girl. I love French Vanilla Cappuccino but don’t like coffee. I’m a tea drinker most of the time.

Well now you know what kind of nuts blog you are reading, huh? Well every one’s different, thank goodness, because it sure would be a boring place if we were all the same or similar, don’t you think? I sure do.

I am Not Happy With My Solicitor What Can I do

In the past people have stated hopelessly “I am not happy with my solicitor, but what can I do”,  or “is it possible to sue my solicitor”. The answer is yes you can sue your solicitor if they have been negligent in the performance of their duties. The solicitor may not have been contracted by you, but as long as you were negatively affected by the result of his negligence you have the right to sue the solicitor.

If you have suffered from solicitor negligence now or in the past and are confused about what to do or where to go, here are some answers that can assist you in getting the help you need. It is totally up to you how you decide to proceed the important thing to know is that you have options that are available to you and you do not have to settle. There are a lot of slangs and terminology that you will come across. Here is a breakdown of some of the most commonly used terms and their meanings.

Second Opinion Solicitors

Get a second opinion. A second opinion solicitor is the answer for the  many people who are forced to live with the consequences of  solicitor negligence. Unfortunately, many individuals choose to suffer quietly and never seek redress to undo the wrong. This is a mistake that can easily be corrected and should be corrected. The effects of solicitor negligence can have a wide impact and lifelong consequences.  It can permanently affect the health and wealth of individuals.

Solicitor Review

You can Qualify for a Solicitor Review. Victims of solicitor  negligence  do have the right to seek a solicitor review. This is a service that is offered by solicitors who specialize in reviewing  other solicitors work. They will examine the details of your case thoroughly, paying keen attention to details. This extra scrutiny is sometimes exactly what is needed to ensure that justice is done. A solicitor review can only increase a client’s chances for success.

There are no excuses, it is worth the time and effort to safeguard your case. Justice is not as hard to obtain or as difficult to access as you imagine. Simply gather all the necessary information on your case and visit a second opinion solicitor to get the process started.

Sos Claims

These are specialist solicitors who look at past claims and provide clients with an assessment. There is usually no cost attached to the service. Most of these services are available online. The initial steps are easy you just need to go online fill in your details and then you can take the next step if you decide to proceed.

If you are one of those people who has been complaining “I am not happy with my solicitor”, you can learn more about the process and the terms mentioned. To start the process to sue a solicitor or to learn more about obtaining a solicitor review visit SOS Claims.