What a great day yesterday

fireworks and picnic (free clip art)

fireworks and picnic (free clip art)

Jayce and I had a great day all day yesterday. First we went to his brothers for a cookout. His brother and sister-in-law are both really good cooks. His brother grilled the meat and some of the veggies and his wife made potato salad and the desert. It was all absolutely delicious. I ate way too much too.

Well then it was off to watch the fireworks. His brother and his family came along and there’s nothing like seeing the look in a child’s eyes as they watch fireworks. What truly amazed me was that their father made sure to tell them what we were celebrating and why. He’s a really great Dad. He didn’t want the kids to think that all the 4th of July was about was cooking out and fireworks. I thought that was just too wonderful of him.

Credit repair

Even though the economy seems to be improving, and the unemployment statistics show that the unemployment rate is down, the hard, sad truth is that people are still struggling to make ends meet. I often long for the days when a family of four could survive with only one parent having to be the breadwinner! Nowadays both parents have to work in order for the family to survive. In these hard economic times, many families cannot survive the stress and the divorce rate often increases. This makes life even more difficult for families to be able to pay their bills and live in a decent house!

So many families have found that their credit rating is suffering. They’ve had to run up their credit cards just to pay their utility bills, pay their rent or mortgage, or to pay medical bills. Even with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, many families cannot afford their co-pays because their wages have not kept up with the cost of living! This type of situation has created a lot of businesses like the Key Credit Repair business. These businesses try to help families deal with their damaged credit ratings. Until the cost of living goes down this is going to be a continuing problem. I’d like to see the country’s large corporations reduce their executive compensation packages and pass that savings on to the consumers. I think that would help a lot!

I am so into anything that helps me find my center

Life can really be hard at times like I have discussed with you. Well I have found a wonderful web based TV type program that will help to transform your life. No it’s not some guru standing up there teaching you to meditate but it is full of helpful programs.

I’m all for anything that helps me to find my center and that is what they site is all about.┬áIt helps you to pay attention to your life and learn how to really live it.I like it a lot!

Trumpets are cool

I can remember the first time I heard my father play a trumpet. It was a complete surprise to me because I had no idea he had ever played one before! He was an accomplished pianist, percussionist, guitar and bass player – what more could he do? So it was such a surprise when he took his trumpet out of the case and played “taps” at home. I can still remember how excited my sisters and I were to hear him play the trumpet with a sound dampener on it to make it sound different! We were very young, and had never seen anyone use one before. I gained a lot of respect for my father that day, realizing that he was a lot more talented than I had realized!

Reducing the amount of plastic that gets thrown away

I have been concerned about the environment for as long as I can remember. I try to minimize the amount of plastic that gets thrown away, by recycling whenever possible. Unfortunately, we do have trash that needs to get “hauled away.” Watching videos about trash floating in the ocean makes me very sad. I wish more people would make more of an effort to recycle, and I wish that all plastic water bottles, plastic bags that are used for shopping purposes and for trash bags were bio-degradable. Unfortunately, according to an article I just read at the Rodale News website about whether it is better to use a bio-degradable bag or one that was recycled from other plastic items, landfills are created in such a way that bio-degradable things will NOT degrade, so bio-degradable plastic bags won’t actually bio-degrade in a landfill! They would, however, bio-degrade in the ocean, and so I think that using them is better than doing nothing at all if your trash goes into the ocean! So I think that stores that use plastic bags to send their products home with their customers would be helping the environment by using bio-degradable bags. I think that would be a big help towards reducing some of the pollution that threatens all of us.