Beautiful furniture!

I’m a modern kind of girl and therefore like modern furniture. The problem has always been to find what I really have in mind that I want. Well I have solved that problem. I have found the most beautiful furniture and they have a variety of styles too. Now the problem is to choose between so many choices! There are so many awesome websites out on the Internet that sell modern furniture that it simply blows my mind!

I found the most gorgeous living rooms you have ever seen. The lines are clean, the colors amazing and the variety of materials are amazing. Can you tell I really like what they have to offer? The main problem I have with them is that there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to decide. I can see about eight different sets of them in my living room – but my living room isn’t large enough for them all!

Let’s not forget the bedrooms. I can imagine myself curled up in the middle of several of their choices snug as a bug in a rug. Oh and their tables and even closets are absolutely amazing too. I’m in furniture heaven!!!

Dance can lift your spirits without making you think you are exercising

I don’t know about you, but I hate to exercise. It is boring, hard work. Yet I love to dance! Dancing is fun! I do have a problem, though, my hubby will not dance with me. He used to dance with me before we got married, but it seems as if the moment we exchanged our vows he suddenly lost interest in dancing! So I was thinking that maybe I’d look for a place to take ballroom dance lessons from here or nearby so I could get out of the house and find a way to enjoy dancing without my hubby being involved. I’m hoping that I can sign up as a single student, and not have to bring my own partner!

I love plants, don’t you?

Plants not only clean the air in your home but they just add something wonderful I think. But the planters they are in have to be considered too. Without nice indoor planters, the plants just aren’t as pretty. They have to fit your room just like furniture does that’s why I always buy decorative planters for my plants. They add that something that the pot they come in doesn’t, especially when you buy a high end planter.

I even have outdoor planters on my patio too. They make my patio look so much more dressed than just plain. I don’t like plain. You can also get garden planters. I use those in the summer to grow tomatoes so I can have fresh tomatoes instead of having to buy them. I get quite a few off of them too.

I also have window boxes on the front windows of my house. They look great and add so much to the look of your home. In the fall, I plant pansies in them. In the summer, it depends on the mood I’m in as to what type of flowers in them. I try not to use the same flowers every year to give my home a different look each year.

Words amaze me sometimes

Did you know that you can sort of figure out where someone is by just a few words they might say? Well it’s true. In the south, if two cars collide, it’s a wreck but to the rest of the country, it’s an accident. Think about it. In fact, there is one word that can tell you if someone is from New York, the south or the rest of the country. That’s right just one little word and that word is ‘saw’ like ‘I saw a bird’ not a thing that cuts wood.

In the south they say “I seen a bird.” The rest of the country says ‘I saw a bird’ while in New York, they say ‘I sore a bird’. It’s that funny? I think it is. In the south the words won’t and want are pronounced the same but pronounced like won’t. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Listen to the way people say some things and then see if you can figure out where they are from by the way they say some words. It’s sort of a game I play and it’s fun to me. I also have a tendency to pick up accents rather easily too because of it which is too funny to me but not so funny to my mother. It drives her nuts.

Turn unusable space into usable space

My mother has an attic that she wants turned into a room for her computer and her crafts. That way she doesn’t have to convert a bedroom just in case we come home to visit. I told her that I would check online and find her a good company that does things like that. Well I found one, but the problem is that it’s in London. 

They have some beautiful pictures of some of the loft conversions they have done on their web site. This company turns these spaces into bedrooms, offices, playrooms, bathrooms and just about any type of room you are looking for. I just wish they were here instead of in London because they do wonderful work.